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Enamel wine labels

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Welcome... Here you can find scholarly articles about Enamel Wine Labels... also known as Enamel Bottle Tickets, Enamel Decanter Labels, Enamel Decanter Tags, and Enamel Wine Tags.


These articles characterise Enamel Labels based on style, size, fluorescence, and decoration.

Early English and French Enamel Wine LabelsLabel

Some observations on Staffordshire Enamel Wine labelsLabel

A photo catalogue of Ravenet (Battersea) Enamel Wine Labels (1753-1756)Label

Samson of Paris Enamel Wine LabelsLabel

Miswritten letters on Stafforshire labelsLabel

French Zinc and Enamel Bin LabelsLabel

Posters showing examples of American and English French Furniture, Glass, Bin Labels and Wine Labels

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